Saturday, 12 January 2013

All things weird and wonderful, all interests great and small

Despite having other blogs - blogs where I post bits of whatever book I'm working on, a blog where I'm trying to put together early childhood memories of my life growing up on a cruising yacht on and around the edges of the Atlantic - I've started another one. This one.

I've started it because sometimes something catches my interest and if I don't write about it, I forget about it after a few days when something else new and shiny comes along. Seems like a shame. All these things that were shiny for a day that I forget about.

Hence - another blog. Probably one I shan't write in very often, because, honestly, I have a full time job, two cats, a husband, and a variety of hobbies. If I'm sitting at my computer I'm either writing, or so mentally played out that I'm probably staring disconnectedly at my Twitter feed.

On the other hand, them as dares wins, to take the SAS motto badly, so ... yeah, new blog.

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