Sunday, 10 April 2016

Author website transition

First seen on the Space Trash Blog.

… boldly going where no reader has gone before.

Today officially marks the day when I change over all my various links and redirects to the cool, new, author website. Well, that’s the plan. In real life, it’s going to take a few days of thinking I’m done, remembering I forget such-and-such a site, and going into a flurry of profile editing.

WordPress was a new learning opportunity for me, and a new learning opportunity for my neighbours as I explored my vocabulary of profanities through WordPress’s purportedly user-friendly, simple, and intuitive user interface.

However, after a four-week learning curve, welcome to my new author website. I hope you like it, and I hope you find out new and fascinating things about the Cortii and Wildcat Cortia in particular.
There will be more links coming over the next few weeks, most especially a contact form. There is also an e-store in the works to supplement the links to all the third-party retailers where you can pick up a copy of the Cortii novels – and of course, MOAR blog posts.

In the meantime, enjoy the site, and if you want to chat, come and find me on any of my social media networks!

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