Saturday, 25 April 2015

Free book reviews

Hello authors.

Since everyone can use a review in this world ... there's a site called Readers' Favorite Book Reviews and Award Contest that offers free and paid reviews (basically the difference is whether you want your review this week, or you're not fussed), book competitions, and ... you can become a reviewer (FREE books to read, some of them by first-time all-new authors).

OK, well, that last bit's obviously the part I'm most excited about,  because I get cranky swiftly followed by shaky and homicidal if I don't have books to read in sufficient quantities. Ergo, the lure of books, especially ones that people give me, pretty much had me drooling and clawing at the door to sign up.

Despite the claw marks and slobber on their door ... I'm now a Readers' Favorite reviewer. Hope to see y'all, with books for review, lining up (because I need more BOOKS!!!).

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