Thursday, 11 August 2016

Deadlines, whistling in the wind

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Apparently the legendary Douglas Adams enjoyed the sound of deadlines whizzing by, so I figure I'm in good company.

I proudly published a Launch date of 6th August for Elemental Affinity, and hey, lookit that, it's the 11th and no sign of Elemental Affinity.

Why? You may well ask.

Well, it goes something like this: there was once a struggling young author, who worked all day and wrote all night, and this young yet talented artist once published a Launch date in June that turned out to be totally unrealistic in August.

Or, if you prefer the haiku form:

Time flying by me

Endless edits in my sights

Sleep, that little death.

Basically, I had some very good feedback from my beta read team, and in trying to implement it, I realised a bit belatedly that I was re-writing about a third of the book. This seemed perfectly feasible in June, when I got the feedback, but less so after ten hours of editing at 8pm local on 6th August, with 20K words still to go - many of which actually still needed to be written.

I am still shooting to have Elemental Affinity out, finished, edited and beautiful before the end of August. Really, this time? Well, yeah, I hope so. Partly because I think the book is a lot better, even right now in its partially finished state, with metaphorical dustsheets everywhere, and I'm looking forwards to seeing if my readers agree, but also because I'm really, really, really looking forwards to the next in the series ... Elemental Conflict.

Is there a link? Why, yes, perhaps .... and now you're all going to have to be nice and let me get Elemental Affinity into the best shape I possibly can for you. I hope you'll think it's worth the wait once it's in your hands.

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