Friday, 14 April 2017

Author: Implosion

Author implosion may be a little over-dramatic. A little. I didn't wake up next to anyone I didn't recognise, I didn't wind up in the drunk tank, and no one had to call emergency services.

So why, you may well ask, have I been completely absent from my writing, my websites, my social life?

Fair. It's been a very busy few weeks - actually, a very busy month since I was last able to really put on my author hat and have fun. This is largely due to my day job, where things unfolded very favourably (for me), in that I landed a very cool new job inside the company, with a lot more actual involvement in the day-to-day business and far more responsibility. I'm thrilled. But, while I've been teaching myself a new and very responsible job, I've also been maintaining half of my old job, meaning I've been crawling home with my head spinning and barely the energy to fall flat on my face.

"Work is the curse of the writing classes." (Misquote) Oscar Wilde.

There've also been the renovations at home. Also a very good thing, as I found an awesome contractor (a species in amazingly short supply in the Greater Vancouver area), and all our bathrooms now have actual, working doors on them. (Ever tried to used the facilities while being stared at by a curious cat? Can be very off-putting...) But, also something that requires organisation, talking to people, and playing Russian Roulette to determine who's going to take a day off work this time and let people into the house.

Plus, and possibly the most devastating to the fragile system which preserves my author time in the wild, we finally bought a gaming computer and rigged it up into the media system downstairs. The combination of the opportunity of all my favourite ways to blow shit up in full surround sound and coming home brain-fried has contributed to some record-breaking shootouts and zero writing happening. (Steam, I'm looking right at you...)

However, I finally have some vague clue what I'm supposed to be doing at work, the snow has finally melted and stayed gone, and the cherry blossoms are out, meaning that my favourite time of the year is here. (No, I do not suffer from hayfever. Feel free to hate me.) I also have four days off work for the Easter weekend, so I'm hoping that I will have the time and energy to make the rounds of my online hangouts, buy everyone a round, and get dug into the final third of my sci-fi sequel. Maybe I'll even get back to my Welsh language course. (Do not ask why Welsh.)

May the chocolate-depositing bunny be good to you.

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